Good for Your Business!

Furniture Recycling: Good for Your Business

Today, remanufactured office furniture is becoming the furniture of choice for more and more companies because it outperforms new furniture in several ways. Let’s look at the benefits:

Design Benefits

Many consumers are amazed at the options available when choosing recycled and refurbished furniture. Instead of a pre-determined selection of colors, fabrics and finishes, refurbished office furniture allows you and your designer complete creative freedom.

Cost Benefits

.Buying recycled is an excellent cost-cutting opportunity, generally offering a savings of 30 to 50 percent off the cost of new furniture. Recycling also sets a great example for your company’s employees. It shows that your firm is managing the company’s assets wisely and sends the message that conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal. Purchasing Refurbished furniture can be an attractive decision financially as well as aesthetically!