Steelcase Avenir Workstations

Steelcase Avenir was not the office furniture product that made Steelcase an iconic brand. You don’t become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of business furniture by producing just one great product. Fortitude, skill, and the willingness to think way outside of the box are key ingredients to making it beyond 100 years as a company. When smoking in the workplace was common, Steelcase addressed the hazard and was awarded their first patent in 1914 for a steel fireproof wastebasket. Brilliance in the making.

Moving on to collaborate with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930’s for new office furniture designs, Steelcase  produced successful patents for years with well-known models of Steelcase workstations including Series 9000, Montage, Kick and the Answer furniture systems, not to mention the Leap Chair by Steelcase and its Criterion Chair.


  • Avenir offers a range of solutions that not only manage information, but also help to create a more effective workspace. The Avenir systems line includes the following components to help you create a workspace that perfectly meets the needs of your business today, and in the future:
    • Panels
    • Worksurfaces
    • Tables
    • Pedestals, bins and shelves
    • Lighting

    Built on 6” planning module, Avenir components have the ability to work well with other Steelcase products. Tailor your space with a wide selection of surface material options.

Frame: Silver

Fabric: Taupe

Height and Width Panels:

  • 33″ H Panels – 100 qty.
  • 53″ H Panels – 100 qty.