Steelcase Mobile Pedestal with Cushioned

Every office needs storage, unless you want a workstation full of clutter and distractions.  The decision comes down to how to get the storage solutions your work responsibilities require without utilizing too much space and preventing the look of a clean, fresh office cubicle.

One of the most flexible storage options in the modern workplace has become increasingly popular in offices of all kinds.  Mobile pedestals are a great way to get a lot of storage for a little bit of space.  Even add a little splash of color to your office with cushion top mobile pedestals.

The beauty of a mobile pedestal is right in its name.  Its mobility makes it a versatile way to get organized in any office environment.  Stationed on wheels, it can be moved and positioned in multiple ways whenever necessary, and it’s small enough to fit under work surfaces and within tight office layouts.  Its compact size doesn’t hinder the amount of storage it can handle due to its deep box/file drawers.

3 fabric choices available

Frame: Ash

Fabric: Gray Tweed